Antioxidants and Fertility

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Daxidant fertilidad

Are the Antioxidants one of the most important components to have healthy fertility? Why every woman and man needs to be focused on treating the oxidative stress? Before we get started, there are two terms related to Antioxidants, which you will need to become familiar with:

1. Free Radicals
Free radicals are molecules that can damage cell structures. In a normal day free radicals are produced from the activity in our metabolism, but chemicals and contaminants in our surrounding environment can also create free radicals. Each cell in our body is attacked about 10,000 times a day by free radicals, accelerating the aging process. Antioxidants neutralize effectively the free radicals, stopping further damage from happening and protecting the cell’s health. It’s time to do something to help protect your cells. This damage can affect your future health.

2. Antioxidants.
Antioxidants are a group of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that protect our body from the damage caused by free radicals.

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