The best manufacturing technology in Nutritional Supplements

Set of new manufacturing techniques (state of the art) applied to our products:

  • New Absorption Systems
  • New Dispersion Systems
  • Homogenization Systems
  • Compression and Nuclearization Systems


  • Best Absorption, Bioavailability and Bioequivalence of main ingredients
  • Better efficacy and higher volumes in blood than similar products
  • Minor side effects such as gastric irritation or intolerance

Coloidal System: Shell monolayer. Core oil

DRcaps™ Capsules (Capsugel)

  • HPMC Capsules (Hydro-Propyl-Metyl-Cellulose) Sustain Release.
    They release ingredients into the small intestine improving their bioavailability and elevating blood bioequivalence, preventing malabsorption and gastric irritation

 Other technological systems used in PluriSorb:

Special technology for tablet compaction and encapsulation

Dispersion and Atomization Systems:

  • Fluid Bed: Better Ingredients Homogenization
  • Nano Milling: Nano-size mixing sieving
  • Enteric Coated Nuclear Atomization