Antioxidants are our defense system. They are our “army” against free radicals. They disarm the oxidation in different ways. When an antioxidant finds a free radical it engulfs it and melds into its molecular structure. This creates a free radical so weakened that it can do no harm. At this point that particular antioxidant is sacrificed unless its “partner” antioxidant comes along and revives it.

Now that we know how antioxidants and free radicals generally work, let’s talk about how they affect fertility specifically. Everything in our body is made of cells that need to be protected from free radicals. Not only are the ovum (egg) and sperm made up of cells which can be affected by free radical damage, so are the reproductive organs and glands that produce reproductive hormones. If these cells are less than optimal, the organs, ovum, sperm, etc. will not be functioning at their best. Continue reading →