Expanding your family is an exciting journey. The anticipation that comes with the possibility of having a little one running around the home really does warm the heart. However, there are a few things to consider as you take the next step on your journey to parenthood. One major consideration is the fertility of both you and your partner. Luckily, there are things you can do to enhance this, including taking medicine for boosting fertility.

What influences fertility?

There are several factors that influence fertility, both in men and women.

  1. Age – Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have already in their ovaries. Each day, the number of available eggs gradually decreases. However, as they begin to approach the mid to late 30s, that number begins to increase more rapidly. Additionally, the quality of the eggs available also decreases as fertility hormone levels begin to decline. 
  1. For men, fertility also declines as they age as the quality of the sperm and sperm count decreases. This process, however, usually happens at a much slower rate for men than women. 
  2. Previous Pregnancy – The likelihood of a couple getting pregnant increases if they had achieved pregnancy together before, regardless of whether or not the pregnancy resulted in the birth of a baby.
  3. Frequency and timing of heterosexual intercourse – While there is a common misconception that women can get pregnant whenever they have sex, this is actually incorrect. Ovulation (when an egg is released from the ovary) typically only occurs on day 14 of a woman’s 28-day menstrual cycle. Once the egg is released, it can only survive 24 hours unless it is fertilized by a sperm.

    Sperm is able to live up to 3 days in a woman’s reproductive tract, which means the timing for pregnancy is actually very specific. A woman is more likely to become pregnant if she has unprotected sex 2 days before she ovulates or on ovulation day. Missing the ovulation window means it is far less likely that pregnancy will occur.

    Couples who have sex at least three times a week are more likely to become pregnant since there will almost always be sperm present to meet the egg once it is released.
  4. Fertility drugs and supplements – There are certain supplements and medications on the market that increase fertility hormones and prepare the body for pregnancy. There are also supplements available for men to increase the quantity and quality of sperm being released. Many people have experienced positive results from taking these supplements. 

Fertility drugs for Men and women

If you are looking for ways to boost your fertility and increase the chances of pregnancy, fertility supplements are definitely worth looking into. Pregnavit Men and Pregnavit Women are two options that could help. These supplements consist of a complete multivitamin formula specially formulated for men and women wishing to improve their nutrition in preparation for becoming pregnant.

Both formulas are hypoallergenic and made without preservatives, colorants, casein, gluten, soy or nuts. If you are planning to conceive, try these supplements today. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema by Unsplash